FIRBANK BUREAU INVESTIGATION - International Private Investigators
Background/Lifestyle Reports
Background ReportsHere at F.B.I. we can supply you with Background Checks or Lifestyle reports on individuals or Company Directors to ascertain the subject's financial situation, day to day activities, criminal past,previous addresses /employers etc.
We can provide Mortgage Details, Banking Information, Marriage Details, Employment Details and information regarding Births, Deaths and Marriages.
All our work is conducted with the utmost discretion  and all our reports come with a fully typed log of information.
Our Background checks cover:
Address verification
Bankruptcy Details
Citizenship Verification
Civil litigation
Corporate information
Credit and Financial information
Date of Birth Verification
Driving Record
Education Verification
Employment Verification
Global Database search
Judgement Filings
Media Search
Mortgage information
Name Verification
Professional License Verification
Professional Certification Verification
Personal Reputation
Professional Reputation
Property Information
Regulatory Information
Tax Issues
Vehicle Registration Information
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