FIRBANK BUREAU INVESTIGATION - International Private Investigators
Commercial InvestigationsCommercial Investigations
Is your business suffering due to absent staff?
We can convey checks upon and authenticate absences or long term sickness periods using our trained surveillance agents to gather that video evidence you require in order for you to take any necessary action.
If your business is being affected by anti-social behaviour or criminal damage we can provide an evidential package so that you can take the necessary appropriate action.
To give you peace of mind or to gain evidence of unprofessional conduct or where theft or fraud by an employee is suspected our operators will conduct enquiries utilising the latest technology including hidden/body cameras and provide a full evidential package to support subsequent action.
We can also arrange the placement of an undercover male or female operative into a company workplace where irrefutable evidence can be gained.

We have a broad range of operator's with a wide base of skills available for this type of work.
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