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Polygraph and Lie Detector Tests
Polygraph / Lie Detector
When you are searching for a polygraph examiner, you obviously have a serious issue that needs to be addressed. The issue and results will be important so make sure your examiner is experienced, qualified, confidential and professional. Ask questions before booking, ensure the person you speak to is the same person who will test you. Trust between the client and examiner is paramount.
Tests can be arranged quickly and carried out at your home, office or a location of your choosing. Alternatively, we can arrange for a test to be carried out at our examiners office. We are also available to undertake tests anywhere in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.
All testing is conducted using the latest computerised equipment for highly accurate results. Here at F.B.I. we are specialists in detecting deception in cases of Fraud, Theft, Integrity Screening, Infidelity, Sexual Abuse and cases of being wrongly accused.
You wilI receive a confidential and un-biased test, which is accompanied by a full written report on request.
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