FIRBANK BUREAU INVESTIGATION - International Private Investigators
Technical Surveillance
Technical Surveillance
We conduct surveillance and counter surveillance with the use of high quality equipment. When using covert surveillance equipment for any form of investigation, you only have one chance of achieving the right result if the equipment is found then the operation is compromised.
Our technical surveillance installers at F.B.I. have many years of experience in the deployment of covert surveillance equipment gained on operations during service in the British military where compromise of equipment was not an option.
Also qualified in the deployment of CCTV and alarm systems which gives an in-depth knowledge allowing covert systems to be integrated with overt systems. After an in-depth security analysis we can install audio recording devices, cameras/digital recorders and specialised sensors to suit your security requirements.
• 24hr technical support
• Covert camera installation
• Full range of audio listening devices installed
• Electronic counter measures/bug sweeps (State of the art detection)
• GPS Vehicle tracking
• IT systems protection and surveillance
• All evidence collected meets courtroom standards
• Hire of surveillance equipment can also be arranged
• Our bespoke solutions are tailored to your requirements
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