Matrimonal Investigations

When you require an Investigation Agency it is usually a time of many different emotional conflicts and situations.

We at Firbank fully understand this and we are recognised for the professional manner in which we handle difficult and delicate situations.

When Relationship, Family or Matrimonial matters are of concern, we will offer you free, fully confidential advice and with our many years of experience, we will guide you to what we believe is the best solution to your predicament.

With over 25 years of experience, Firbank has handled numerous relationship, family and matrimonial cases from the highest profile to the most discreet, all cases are handled with tenacity, tact and empathy.

We realise you have probally never had cause to contact a Private Investigator before and we realise this may seem a daunting excersise, however, please don’t worry, all our experienced operatives will discuss the matter with you in complete confidence and suggest the best possible way forward to enable you to have the information you require so that an informed decision can be made on your future.

Please feel free to call us for help & free advice on: 0800 634 3019 OR 07766 307545 anytime.